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Laurita Pienaar

Driver and Catering

Laurita Pienaar is the Hennie Niemann Snr Gallery driver and catering service.

Riaan Conradie

Photographer and Artist

Riaan is Hennie’s sisters son and is one of the finest photographers around – he has taken photo’s for Hennie’s…

Nadia Kleyn

Gallery Manageress and Artist

Nadia Kleyn is Hennie's gallery manager and is also an artist

Linda Merrill

Bursar and Financial Officer

Linda used to own a business and is now Hennie’s full time bookkeeper. She is a part time – jewellery…

Therese Rink Streicher

Hennie’s friend and personal assistant

Mainly Hennie’s red wine drinking buddy and verbal sparring partner, and also a budding artist that enjoys expressing mainly tongue…

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